Rachel Ordway Smith

is the creative force behind "Arts Desire".

She's known in the town of Coquille, Oregon as a contributor to many artistic endeavors at both the civic level and privately. She's a member of the Coquille Valley Art Association, an active member of her theatrical community and a prolific artist in her own right.


Rachel at the easelRachel in the ceramics studiowinning at the fair

Her many diversions include;
traditional Oil Painting, Watercolors ,Ceramics ,Mural Painting
and even Body Painting!



Children love to be paintedsome wild face painting

The picture below shows a mural in progress
of a historic scene of downtown Coquille.
The mural was designed by another notable local artist
Lee Snider.

view of the mural in progress

Can you pick out Rachel at the top of the scaffolding?
Click on the picture for more of the city's mural and Rachel in action!

She's recently begun another adventure of designing
fine art gift Recipe Cards as stationery.

One of her recent projects include recording her thoughts of growing up in rural Oregon. By putting to pen many of her childhood memories, she hopes to preserve some of the humor and highlights of living in the past. Her stories are both funny and poignant when put in the context of growing up during WW2 and the humble surroundings of the back woods.

There is no limit to the things she'll try.
Just say "you can't do that" and consider the gauntlet to be thrown down.

Take a minute to look around and see what might inspire you!



...But with GOD all things are possible! Mark 10:27

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