Oregon Recipe Cards

Rachel has put to pen her recipes featuring Oregon grown fruits and berries.  Each card has a beautiful print copy of Rachel's original designs in watercolor.  These recipes have been tried and tested on both family and friends alike.  She decided to design a card that she could give to friends after repeated requests for her recipes.

These cards make wonderful gifts for your friends that cook and just as nice for those who don't.  What really makes them special is that cute little note that you will include since each card comes ready for your own special message.  Rachel is a firm believer in the "old fashioned" notion that a letter in the mail is a delightful surprise and not done nearly enough nowadays.

Click on one of  the thumbnails below to view larger version of each card.
Each is approximately 4x5 and comes with envelopes for a set of 4 cards.

Oregon Blackberry Cobbler

Delicious cobbler recipe for the abundant blackberries that are found on the backroads & in the backyards of Oregon.

Huckleberry & Apple Pie

Sweet & Tart recipe for those wild huckleberries and apples picked fresh from the backwoods of Oregon.

Cranberry Jalepeno Relish

Wow, what a combination! Sweet, tart & citrusy with a kick! Don't give in to your first impression, this recipe is asked for over and over by anyone that tries it.

Wild Oregon Grape Jam

You'd never know that the state flower of Oregon is a grape! Well not actually a grape, that's just their name. Commonly used as a landscape shrub, the fruit is very distinct in taste.

(Example cards are watermarked with the Arts Desire logo which does not appear on the actual card

$2.50 each
(2.35 each with an order of 6 or more.)

Shipping is included.
Send Check or Money order to;
Arts Desire, PO Box 334 Coquille,Oregon USA 97423

Rachel has more designs coming,
so check back soon!

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