Mural Painting


The finished Coquille City mural


This mural is painted on the side of a building in downtown Coquille, across from the U.S. Post Office. It measures 100 feet by 35 feet high!  It was painted in sepia "old photo" tones of light browns to blacks and represents the bygone era of life between the turn of the century and 1910. Rachel is only one of many volunteers that spent hour upon hour helping to create this vision of everyday life designed by Mrs. Lee Snider.  It has come to be one of the many signature murals that attract many visitors to the City of Coquille.

its all in the reachclose to actual size!Sawdusters Theater backdrop in progressa local resturantindoors

As you can see, Rachel does not have a fear of heights and regularly climbed to the top of the scaffolding nearly three stories high!  Although Rachel found it a joy to contribute her painting talents to the project, she had to visit her local Chiropractor significantly more often because of it.

Rachel loves to paint!  She has helped at the Sawdusters Theater for many seasons starting by painting stage settings and then moving up to become a member of the backstage crew and occasionally even as a greeter in Victorian costume.

Check back soon, we will have a page dedicated to the Sawdusters Theater!

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Paradise Island!
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