The Mobile Safari


One of Rachel's dearest and longest friends asked her to bring a dream to life.  Bernice is a regular caravaner and loves to travel in her little trailer.  In keeping with her love for everything wild, she asked Rachel to design and paint these delightful scenes of the plains of Africa and of the tropical rain forest.

Goin Bananas!
(Note the Goin' Bananas handle,
one of Rachel's trademarks!)

the plains of AfricaTropical rain forest

Rachel went to California to create these designs at Bernices' request. She was happy to help her longtime friend to really make an impression where ever she went.  Rachel was there for a week in the summer and between the two of them they had it finished in no time.

Bernice had had some concerns that they wouldn't be able to get the trailer completely finished before Rachel had to go, but once she saw how fast the outline went on, she began to relax and enjoy the fun!